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Dogs Grog - Blue Slush

Dogs Grog - Blue Slush

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Just like being at the funfair. A tasty blueberry and raspberry slush with that cooling effect to make it taste just like the real thing. So good you'll want to drink it - but don't.


Dogs Grog has been created to bring you full on flavour and huge clouds.  All of our liquids are hand crafted in our brand new ISO7 certified clean room environment at our lab in the UK.

0mg Short shots, come in a 60ml or 120ml bottle part filled allowing you space to add nic shots. Please see below for mixing instructions


50ml 1x 20mg nic shot =4mg

¾ of 1 bottle = 3mg

½ of 1 bottle = 2mg


100ml 1x 20mg = 2mg

2x 20mg = 4mg

3x 20mg = 6mg


Add desired amount replace cap and shake vigorously for 2 minutes  

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