Collection: Elux Legend 10ml Nic Salts- Electrovape


Explore the Elux Legend Nic Salts Experience

Diverse Flavour Options: Elux Legend Nic Salts boasts a vast selection of delightful flavours, including tropical fruits and refreshing menthol blends.

Consistently Smooth Vape: Enjoy a consistently smooth and satisfying vaping experience with the perfectly balanced 50PG/50VG ratio.

Nicotine Strength Choices: Find your ideal nicotine strength with options in 10mg and 20mg.

Authentic Signature Blend: Experience the true essence of Elux's renowned disposable vape pens, now available in a convenient refillable form.

With 28 top-selling Elux Legends e-liquid flavours in 10mg or 20mg nic salt strengths, you can pair these 50-50 e-liquids with any refillable device to replicate the mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape experience. Enjoy the taste and convenience of disposable vapes with the added benefit of up to five times more puffs compared to disposable vape bars for only £3.99, or take advantage of the 3 for £10 deal.

To learn more about nic salt bar juice, visit our blog, or browse the selection of Elux Legends nicotine salt e-liquids below to discover your favourite flavours.