Tesla 2/3 Invader Mechanical Box

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The Invader 2/3 is another product with higher output power launched by Teslacigs following the Invader III. The user can choose to use either 2 or 3 batteries and obtain different levels of output power by adjusting the voltage of the potentiometer. The maximum output power is 240W or 360W dependent on the number of batteries used. The product is equipped with an LED light at the bottom, which allows you to better know how to use the product. This product is suitable for users who like to use an atomizer with low resistance and chase clouds. It will bring you an unprecedented vaping experience.

The potentiometer control knob is for voltage adjustment. You can rotate it from I to V to choose the power. The voltage regulation range is 3.0-8.0V.

With the advanced Teslacigs proprietary chipset, users will receive instant feedback upon firing the Invader 2/3. Utilizing dual or three 18650 batteries in series configuration, users can actually generate power up to 240 watts or 360 watts.

According to the number of LED indicator flashing,  users can clearly grasp the usage of the product, for example, if the LED light flashes 10 times it is indicating the time spent vaping has exceeded 10 seconds, if the LED flashes 15 times it means the device’s voltage is too low, consult the manual provided with the device for further information on LED indications

The Invader 2/3 is equipped with two different battery covers, one is for three 18650s, the other is for two 18650s. Users can easily swap between battery covers for a different vaping experience